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Her Majesty's Queen's Sirikit sea turtle conservation project on Koh Mannai (Rayong, Thailand)
Koh Mannay

Concerned about the rapid decline of sea turtle populations in Thailand, Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit initiated the "Queen's Project on Sea Turtle Conservation" in 1979. On the 11th of August of that year, Her Majesty donated her island property named Koh Mannai to the Department of Fisheries, for the establishment of the project. Located off the coast of Rayong Province in the northern part of the Gulf of Thailand, the island has a total area of about 22 hectares. In 1985, the project was transformed to become the "Sea Turtle Conservation Station" under the Department of Fisheries. Since 2003, the station has been operated by Department of Marine Coastal and Resources (DMCR), of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The present project has three main objectives:

  • (1) To increase the number of sea turtles in the wild by protecting eggs in a hatchery. The hatchlings are reared for a certain period before tagging and release into the ocean to replenish natural stocks.
  • (2) To keep some adult turtles for breeding stocks, as well as to rescue and treat stranded or injured turtles and release them back in to the sea.
  • (3) To promote and disseminate information and technical knowledge about sea turtle conservation and breeding.

Koh Mannay Sea Turtle Conservation Station Koh Mannay Sea Turtle Conservation Station Koh Mannay Sea Turtle Conservation Station

For more information about the conservation program please go to the web-site of the "Indian Ocean - Southeast Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding" here. Information on the tour program of "The Pier" you will find here.

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