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Pluong Buddha's Footprint Pilgrimage
Every year during January-March, Pilgrims form all over Thailand make their journey to pay homage to the Buddha's footprint on Kao Kitchakoot. This tradition has been practiced for many years with the belief that this journey will teach patience and endurance, because of the steep, rough and long route to the top of Kao Kitchakoot. It is as well believed that it will bring a high merit to the pilgrim.
Luang Chanthabul, Orchid Festival
One of the rarest orchid species originates in the East of Thailand. It is normally found in the forests of Chanthaburi and Trat. First blooming, a bouquet of Luang Chanthabul turns into pale yellow and gradually changes to the darker shade as time goes by. Its petal is brittle and its skin glossily shines. The orchid season lasts 3 months form January to March.
The Chanthaburi Orchid Festival is held every year in February at Ratchamongkol Institute of Technology.
Songkran Festival, Thai New-Year
The Songkran celebration takes place mid April and lasts about four days. This event is of course celebrated nation wide. Songkran is without doubt the most popular of all Thai festivals and rightly so. It marks the beginning of a new astrological year and its exact dates are determined by the old lunar calendar of Siam. While the festival has its roots in Buddhist heritage, the washing of Buddha images, merit making, traditional family values and the sprinkling of water in respect for elders, it is best known for the fun and "sanuk" everyone gains from splashing copious quantities of water on all who happen to pass by.
The Chanthaburi Fruit Festival
The Chanthaburi fruit festival is annually held in May lasting one week at Chanthaburi Stadium and throughout the province. Here is a fruit paradise offering fresh-picked tropical fruits from the local orchards, such as Durian, Rambutan and Mangosteen to name just a few. The festival has fruit quality contests, beauty pageants, jewelry exhibits and a OTOP (One Tambon One Product) bazaar.
12th August, H.M. The Queen's Birthday Celebrations
5th December, H.M. The King's Birthday Celebrations
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